The waterless toilet (Sun-Mar Excel NE) has been installed in an eco house at Camdenville Paddock Community Garden in Sydney.

The Sun-Mar Excel NE was first designed in 1981 and remains the standard in completely non-electric toilets. This is the toilet to beat when it comes to off the grid / self-sufficient living.

Mr. Lachlan Jobbins said “We’re really happy with the toilet – it means we can spend more time in the garden, saving water and waste, and that’s definitely a good thing.The toilet is installed in the ‘bathroom’ of the Eco-house – a plywood building which was originally used as a display space for sustainable technologies. (It’s now our garden meeting space).

Ecoflo Wastewater Management is the only major Australian manufacturer of waterless composting toilets which provides unique advantages in quality control and costs. The waterless composting toilets we import from Sun-Mar in Canada are sold in such numbers that we ship them in 40-foot shipping containers we again have a cost advantage which we are happy to pass onto our customers.