It’s been several years now since the Berkley River Lodge installed 12 waterless toilets (Sun-Mar Centrex 3000) into their magnificent holiday accommodation on the Kimberly.  The rugged location leads to breathtaking views, but significant challenges with sourcing precious resources like water and managing the lodge’s waste. The resort is the newest and most remote in Australia.

The Centrex 3000 proved to be the perfect choice for the unique bathroom and has been well accepted by guests used to flushing toilets. The 500ml Microflush is an elegant way to reduce water consumption (standard dual flush is around 4.5L). The facility is, therefore, able to focus the available water on consumption and cleaning. Only the ceramic pedestal is visible as the low profile treatment drum is hidden from view beneath the guests’ accommodation which is perched on stilts to exploit the beautiful vista.  The Bio-drum is maintained by staff and emptied via a finishing tray or a secondary collection chamber 2-3 times a year. The treated waste is then disposed of in the garden under 10cm of soil.

Mr. Peirson-Jones, Asset & Facility Manager of Berkley River Lodge had this to say about the performance of the units.
We are very happy with the products and your service and support was much appreciated.”

In other remote and not so remote locations around Australia, developers are welcoming the cost and water saving benefits provided by ECOFLO’s waterless toilet.