Self Contained Composting Toilets

Our range of self contained composting toilets are some of the most popular composting toilets in Australia. The design of the self contained composting toilet means it can be installed pretty much anywhere in any type of home. If you’re not sure about the type of composting toilet you require, head over to our parent company Ecoflo’s composting toilet product chooser to help guide you.

Save water and help the environment

Composting toilets are a great way to save huge amounts of water every year. Did you know just by installing a composting toilet you can save an average of a swimming pool of perfectly good drinking water every year?

If you combine one of our composting toilets with a solar kits for composting toilets you can really have a waste management system that doesn’t rely on grid-connected water or electricity at all!

All of our composting toilet products come with full installation instructions, vents, pipes and fans, etc. If you have further enquiries about our range of self contained composting toilets, call us today on 1300-138-182.