Why the Sun-Mar™ GTG Toilet is the perfect composting caravan toilet

The great open roads the average Australian caravanner or RV’ers traverse gives them a lot of time on the road between destinations. As you eat up the miles, it’s inevitable you also eat up the snacks. When those snacks make their way through your digestive tract, they have to go somewhere. 

Nobody should have to hold in a ‘Cleveland Steamer’ when they’re on holidays

Believe it or not, many people who own caravans and have chemical toilets installed ban their loos from number twos! Not only is that bad for your bum, but it also makes for a very uncomfortable drive until you get to the next public restroom. 

Are you sick and tired of:-

  • Only using your caravan toilet for urine?
  • Having to wait in line at public restrooms just to go?
  • Early morning winter bathrooms trips before you can hit the road?
  • Emptying cassettes from chemical toilets every 2-3 days?
  • Walking through the rain just to use the loo?
  • Using large amounts of water to deal with waste?
  • Trying to find a nappy soaker for use in your toilet?
  • Using public restrooms that look like they haven’t been cleaned in decades?

The Sun-Mar™ GTG composting toilet is perfect for caravans and gives you options that chemical toilets can’t even come close to offering. 

Save space in your caravan or RV

Because the Sun-Mar™ GTG composting toilet is self-contained, there’s no need for tanks that hold chemicals and water above or below your toilet system, freeing up space for other things. The dimensions of the unit are Height: 503 mm Width: 400 mm Depth: 609 mm so it takes up hardly any space at all. 

Urine is diverted, which means less frequent emptying of solid waste

With most chemical caravan toilets, both urine and waste are directed into the same container. Chemicals are then used to break down solids and liquids into a disposable sludge. This means you need to empty the chamber as much as every couple of days (depending on use) to get rid of both solid and liquid waste. 

Because the Sun-Mar™ GTG composting toilet has a urine diversion unit, you only need to empty liquid wastes every week or so (there is a 5-litre fluid chamber so this will depend on your usage).

Solids are composted 

Because solid waste goes into its own chamber which then uses a natural composting method to help break down solid waste, you won’t have to use chemicals or frequently empty the chamber as solids will break down and lose up to 90% of their bulk. 

Evaporative fan means no smell 

All Sun-Mar™ GTG composting toilets come with an evaporative fan that helps to move away all liquids from the chamber that takes solid waste. This helps not only to reduce the size of the pile in the solid waste chamber and help the composting process but also removes any smell from the system leaving you with a fresh-smelling caravan that won’t have a chemical smell.

Can be hooked up to solar

Even though the exhaust fan used for evaporation uses minimal power, you can purchase an additional solar power system separately. A solar unit will run your fan without using any power from your caravan. 

Doesn’t use chemicals

Because caravan composting toilets use natural processes to break down solid waste, you don’t need to use any harsh or harmful chemicals in your unit. Our all-natural Nature Flush Enzymes and hemp bulking agent is all that’s required to help break down solid waste into a topsoil like waste product which you can dispose of with regular rubbish or bury if in the bush. 

So if you’re on the hunt for a composting toilet for your caravan, the Sun-Mar™ GTG composting toilet is a great little unit that is well worth looking into. Contact us for more information or buy online today!