Need a urine diverting composting toilet? Try the Sun-Mar GTG

There’s a lot of advantages to having a composting toilet that diverts urine either into a separate receptacle or into a drainage system on a caravan, boat or RV (motorhome). Standard composting toilets will have a ventilation system where moisture can escape, allowing the compost heap to dry out a little.

If moisture doesn’t have the opportunity to escape your compost heap can become too moist and this can lead the toilet to smell and the composting process being stifled.

How Urine Diversion Systems Work

This is a very simple concept to wrap your head around. Sun-Mar GTG has specially designed catchment area in the front of the toilet to catch urine and then divert this to either a separate container (great for boats, caravans and motorhomes) or to a gravel absorption trench if you have it installed in a holiday home, tiny home or pool shed.

Why Divert Urine?

There are a few different reasons as to why you may want to divert the urine from your composting toilet either into another container or a trench.

Whilst most people aren’t quite up to the NASA standards of recycling urine to turn it into drinking water, there are many people who live an off-grid or sustainable lifestyle that understand recycling our waste to turn it into something useful is not only common sense, but great for the planet and our communities.

Did you know that two of the basic components of commercial fertilizer is nitrogen and phosphorous? These are the same two elements that are common in urine. Seems a little crazy to us here in the Ecoflo office that we flush litres of this down the toilet every day, then go to Bunnings on the weekend to buy it in powdered or liquid form!

In simple terms what we’re doing here is breaking the nutrient cycle whilst costing us more money and killing off the environment in the process!

One of the easiest ways to recycle your urine is to use it on your garden. The high traces of nitrogen and phosphorus in urine make it an excellent natural fertilizer for your garden (just make sure you dilute it with water before using on your garden).

The uric acid that is present in urine can also help to accelerate the decomposition of the composting heap in your garden.

There’s a bunch of information on the web about the uses of urine if you’re really interested so take the time to check them out.

Do I need a urinary diversion device?

The short answer is – No. If you purchase a GTG composting toilet these all have a urine diversion device built into the system so you won’t need to purchase an external unit to provide urine diversion.