Kevin McCloud: ‘I am a big fan of composting toilets’

Kevin McCloud: 'I am a big fan of composting toilets' -
Grand Designs' green-minded presenter enthuses over toilets.

McCloud says the idea of living off-grid is also an experiment for him. "I go to my cabin in the woods (built for another TV show) and have my off-grid weekends and then think what can I bring back from that? It is a journey of exploration, trying out ideas, asking how can that inform every day living."

"Do I put in a reed bed, a biodigester, or a long drop toilet?" McCloud gets even more enthusiastic at this point. "I am a big fan of long drop, composting toilets - I like the cycle of using waste. When you have experienced one and seen what comes out of the bottom, it is amazing stuff. It's the most beautiful, driest, sweet-smelling compost."

Posted by Damian Carrington -
Wednesday 8 May 2013