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Waterless & Microflush Composting Toilet Systems

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Suitable for Domestic and Small Commercial Use

We have Sun-Mar toilet systems for most installation situations including Weekenders, Granny Flats, Sheds, Glamping, you name it!

Our Sun-Mar products also meet your access to, or preference for, water and power consumption;

– mains or solar powered

– microflush or a waterless toilet system.

Why you should choose us

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We are very happy with the products and your service and support was much appreciated.”

Mr. Peirson-Jones Berkley River Lodge

We’re really happy with the toilet – it means we can spend more time in the garden, saving water and waste, and that’s definitely a good thing.The toilet is installed in the ‘bathroom’ of the Eco-house – a plywood building which was originally used as a display space for sustainable technologies. (It’s now our garden meeting space)."