Finishing Drawer

The benefits of the separate Compost Finishing Drawer

The benefits of housing older compost in a separate finishing compartment are innumerable. Perhaps the most significant of these is the fact that this older processing compost can’t be contaminated by new waste. The humus that is processing in the finishing drawer can compost gradually without the addition of any new waste, and can then be safely removed via the easy to access drawer.

How the units work (aside from the Centrex 3000 series)

When the drum is rotated backwards, the humus drops into the finishing drawer, where it is isolated from any new waste.

The humus in the drawer continues to compost, aided by a flow of air. Once the composting is complete the small and lightweight drawer is removed by hand, without the need for any tools, and emptied in your garden.

The process is then repeated by rotating the drum to deposit another lot of humus into the drawer.



Centrex 3000 Range

The Centrex 3000 works on a continuous flow design to maximise its capacity and improve the composting process. As the composting drum fills, the rotation of the drum forces the compost along the length of the Centrex 3000 drum then automatically discharges finished compost into a separate collection box.

Unlike with the smaller Centrex 2000, the drum doesn’t have to be rotated anti-clock for emptying (except for seasonal use). For seasonal use, the drum can be emptied in the Spring by rotating the drum backwards and dropping compost into a collection drawer on the right-hand side of the unit